Esri Licensing

We are often asked by customers for reassurance that they are not going to run afoul of Esri’s licensing restrictions for using ArcGIS runtime and SDKs in their apps with our server. For sure Esri licensing can be fairly complex so let’s break down some of the parts and provide a little history on the issue.

Esri ArcGIS Server licensing is not coupled or bundled with the SDK licensing. So the licensing of the SDK must be done separately if using ArcGIS Server or Blue Spatial. Esri licensing is covered by a Master Service Agreement (MSA) which outlines the different types of licenses in section 2.1. With regards to the ArcGIS runtime / SDK components there are two license types that apply:
  • 2.1.e – Development Use – Customer may install and use the Software to build and test Value-Added Applications as described in the documentation 
  • 2.1.c – Deployment License – Customer may incorporate ArcGIS runtime components in Value-Added Applications and distribute the Value-Added Applications to Customer’s end users.
Development Use with Esri SDKs is free under the Essentials Developer Subscription. Deployment Licenses are free at the Lite license level or can be purchased in packs at the Basic license level. Customers would have to purchase these license packs separately regardless if you are using ArcGIS Server / Enterprise or Blue Spatial. To summarize you may need to purchase a Deployment License depending on your requirements.

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