Azure Install

The following diagram illustrates the architecture for deploying to Azure.

You can easily deploy to Azure by clicking the deploy to Azure button on the download page

The following screen will appear after logging into your Azure instance.

  1. Select a subscription.
  2. A resource group is just a logical way to organize Azure resources. Create a new resource group called Blue Spatial.
  3. Select a location that is closest to your users.
  4. Select a Sku name and capacity that is appropriate for your anticipated usage. You can see the comparison of resource and pricing here.
  5. Blue Spatial will create a new Azure Database server and a new database on that server. Enter the Administrator credentials for the server.
  6. Review Azure TOCs and click Purchase button at the bottom.
The install will create the Azure Web App, the Sql Azure instance and the Blue Spatial database. Browse to the url that was created for the Blue Spatial web app. Click the login link at the top right and you will be prompted to create your admin account and login. Be sure and configure your auto scale settings after your deployment is complete.

Troubleshooting Tips: 
  • Do not use “sa” as the Sql Administrator Login as it is not allowed and the deploy will fail.
  • Use a strong password for the Sql Aministrator Login Password otherwise the deploy will fail.
  • If you had a failed deploy click the resource group you used / created and delete. The resource group you deploy to must be empty otherwise there will be a name conflict and the deploy will fail.

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