Adding Services

To add a service simply click on the Add Service button for the folder you would like to add the service to.

In the service dialog you can select a name for the service and the service type (either Map Service or Feature Service). Map Services are read only and can be used with Tile Caches. Feature Services allow edit capability and can include Attachments. You can also select the database connection for the service if you have added multiple connections. You may also want to set the scale settings. Blue Spatial uses the same convention as ArcGIS where the zero for Max and Min scale indicates no scale limit. Max record count is 1000 by default. The max record count is used to avoid scenarios that would potentially return very large datasets. For example, if you have 1 million features in a layer that are all visible at the CONUS level you may want to set your scale settings and or restrict the number of features that can be returned via the Max Record Count setting.  


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