Services Overview

Blue Spatial supports Map Services (read only) and Feature Services (editable). Services are organized into folders and each service has one or many layers. The following diagram illustrates this structure.

This hierarchy is accessed from the Manage services page within the layer tree-view control on the left.

To get started with Blue Spatial you can perform the following steps:
  1. Add a folder.
  2. Add a service to the folder you just added.
  3. Add a layer to the service you just added.
  4. Preview the layer you just added by clicking the Preview option on the More button.
You can edit or delete any item. Use caution when deleting a folder or service as that will delete all child items. When deleting a layer you will be prompted if you would like to delete the layer in the table.

Clicking on the name of the folder, service or layer in the breadcrumb will navigate you to that item in the Service Catalog.


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