Getting your real time layer data in Tableau is as simple as entering a Url. 


  • Navigate to the layer that you want to add to Tableau in the Blue Spatial service catalog and copy Tableau Web Data Connector link.

  • In Tableau select Web Data Connector


  • Paste the link you copied earlier into the Web Data Connector dialog and hit Enter
  • Your layer will appear in Tableau. Click Update Now. You can refresh your data at any time from the live layer data by clicking the refresh icon at the top left and then the update now button again.

  • Create a sheet and drag your geometry column to the Marks section in Tableau Desktop

It is also possible to import spatial files into Tableau from Blue Spatial Server by downloading KML, GeoJSON or Shape files from the service catalog. Yet another option is to leverage Blue Spatial support for OData within Tableau. Unfortunately Tableau does not support OData spatial types so connecting to the Web Data Connector is preferred.

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