Scalable ArcGIS / OGC Compatible GIS Server

Supports Esri REST, WMS, KML, OData and GeoJSON

Compatible with ArcGIS Desktop

Compatible with Esri developer SDKs

Implements Esri’s Open REST API

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Highly Scalable

Simple automatic scalability capabilities with Azure Web Apps. On premise Windows Server or Azure deployment options.

Great Value

Solid performance and quality with all the features you need for serving vector data to Esri or OGC clients.

Easy Setup

Simple installation and configuration. Intuitive user friendly web administration.

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Blue Spatial Server 1.0


Map and Feature Services

Map Services with Tile Caching

Feature Services with Secure Editing

Attachments and Related Records

Import Shape, Geodatabase, MapInfo, GML, KML, GPX, and JSON Files

Import from existing Esri Map Services

Import Layer from a Table

Connect to Multiple Databases


Interconnectivity with Business Systems Including Salesforce and SAP

Integration with Business Intelligence Tools Like Power BI, Tableau and Qlik

Use an Open Protocol for Open Data (Socrata SODA is Proprietary)

Tile Caches

Esri and WMTS Tile Caches

Precache Tiles or Cache On Demand

Preview Cache Size Before Generating

Mapbox Vector Tiles Coming Soon

Real-Time Mapping with Websockets / Event Publishing

Publish Updated Features as GeoJSON

Use Websockets for Realtime Web Mapping

Use Turf.js for Geofencing

Event publishing to Pubnub and Azure Event Hubs


Secure Feature Editing with ArcGIS Pro / ArcMap

Per Service Role Based Access Control

Esri Token Authentication

Azure AD Authentication

Basic Authentication for WMS

Anonymous Authentication

CORS Configuration


OGC Certified KML/KMZ Output

WMS 1.3.0 Services

GeoJSON Output

Esri JSON / PJSON / JSONP Output

WFS Coming Soon

Layer Configuration

Filter Expressions

Set Visible Fields

Set Field Alias

Time Query with Esri REST and WMS

Symbology and Rendering

Support for all Esri Symbol and Renderer Types

Upload Symbols

Label Configuration

Scale Dependencies

HTML Templates

WYSIWYG HTML Template Editing

HTML in KML Placemarks

HTML in WMS Features