GeoServices REST Specification

Since Blue Spatial is built on the Geoservices REST Specification this post is a review of significant links and information on the specification from Esri. Snippets from the links below are included for context.

Initial Esri press release
 – “This open specification provides a standard way for Web clients to communicate with geographic information system (GIS) servers through Representational State Transfer (REST) technology. The specification has been opened such that developers can expose the GeoServices API request structure from ArcGIS Server and other non-Esri, back-end GIS servers or processors.

ArcGIS Blog Announcement – “Services that follow the specification will “speak the same language” as the REST-ful Esri Web services. That means clients can consume them with the popular ArcGIS APIs for JavaScript, Flex, Silverlight, iOS, and Android; as well as other Esri client APIs. However, you don’t have to own or use any Esri software in order to implement the specification or to build a client that works with the services.

GeoServices Rest Specification – “Although the GeoServices REST Specification was originally built to communicate with Esri’s ArcGIS® Server product, the specification has been opened such that developers can expose the GeoServices REST Specification request structure from other back-end GIS servers or processes. The GeoServices REST Specification offers a simple way for applications to request map, feature, attribute, and image information from a GIS server. Developers who adopt the GeoServices REST Specification are choosing a proven implementation that has been widely deployed and exercised in the field and that exposes server-side resources to a broad range of clients and applications. They are also choosing a JSON-based, REST-ful specification that will make the server instantly usable by thousands of developers working in popular client-side development environments with the ArcGIS web mapping APIs for JavaScript™, Flex™, Silverlight®, iOS®, and Android™, all of which are powered by the GeoServices REST Specification.”

GeoServices Docs
– This site is not actively maintained and Esri has not published an update to the specification since it was transferred to the Open Web Foundation. Instead this site just points to the Esri REST documentation.

The story behind why the Geoservices REST Specification never became an OGC standard.

Interoperability slides from Esri Dev Summit 2013
– Slides 27 -29

Notable Geoservices Implementations: 
Commercial – Arc2Earth , SAP Hana , XtraServer
Open Source from Esri – koop , Node Geoservices
Other Open Source – CartoView52 North Sensebox , Geoserver Extension for Geoservices REST

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